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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions -

Media Terms & Conditions of Using Weddings Zone Ireland &


1.    Definitions: The following terms have the following meanings: -
    ◦    “Contract”, the agreement for services entered into between the Customer and Weddings zone Ireland comprising the Contract Form and these Terms and Conditions of Use.
    ◦    “Fee”, the agreed fee payment to be paid by the Customer to for the Service as set out in the Contract Form.
    ◦    “Period”, the period of time for which Weddings Zone Ireland Weddings Zone Ireland  provides the Service to the Customer as specified in the Contract Form.
    ◦    “Service”, the service to be provided to the Customer by Weddings Zone Ireland Weddings Zone Ireland to advertise the Customer’s relevant information on the Weddings Zone Ireland  website and, where requested, provide a link to the Customer’s website, and where requested, provide additional advertising services on the Weddings zone Ireland website and where requested provide a database for the Customer to target via email marketing
    ◦    “Weddings Zone Ireland”, Weddings Zone Ireland
    ◦    “Terms of Use”, the terms of use of the Weddings Zone Ireland Wedding Website as set out on said website and any variations or amendments thereof.
    2.    Provision and update of information

    ◦    The Customer shall provide accurate information and facts for publication by Weddings Zone Ireland Weddings Zone Ireland. The Customer shall be responsible for all Customer information published or issued on the Customer’s behalf by and shall indemnify Weddings Zone Ireland at all times for any loss, expense or damage incurred by Weddings Zone Ireland as a result of the Customer’s actions or omissions.  The Customer must disclose their identify and reveal the nature of the product/service to be advertised, to Weddings Zone Ireland and failing to comply with this request will result in Weddings Zone Ireland  canceling the Service in which case no claim for breach of contract shall arise

    ◦    Weddings Zone Ireland Weddings Zone Ireland may review the information which the Customer intends publish via the Weddings Zone Ireland Weddings Zone Ireland  wedding website or which is intended to be emailed to Weddings Zone Ireland Weddings Zone Ireland registered users.  Weddings Zone Ireland  reserves the right to refuse to place or issue the information or may remove, amend or discontinue displaying any information which is in contravention of any legislation or regulations in force from time to time.  Weddings Zone Ireland  may discontinue displaying or publishing any customer information which Weddings Zone Ireland may consider to be contrary to the best interests of Weddings Zone Ireland    There shall be no refund if any customer information is refused or removed from display from the Weddings Zone Ireland Weddings Zone Ireland   website. Weddings Zone Ireland  is not liable for any omission or inaccuracy in published adverts or for the failure of any advert to appear arising from any cause. Weddings Zone Ireland  is under no obligation to fulfill any order or publish any advert promptly or at all if Weddings Zone Ireland  is experiencing technical difficulties or interruption of its services beyond the control of Weddings Zone Ireland

    ◦    Where a link is provided to the Customer’s website or any other external website or link, Weddings Zone Ireland is not responsible for the content of the Customer’s website or any other website or link.  The Customer is solely responsible for the information about the Customer, which is published by Weddings Zone Ireland Weddings Zone Ireland The advertiser agrees to add a link from the destination website to Weddings Zone Ireland

    3.    Unless otherwise stated on the Contract, all Fees shall be payable by the Customer to Weddings Zone Ireland within 30 days of the date of the invoice raised by Weddings Zone Ireland and are non-refundable.
    4.    Should the Customer wish to cancel the Service provided under the Contract at any time during the Period, no part of the Fee is refundable to the Customer.
    5.    All Fees quoted for Service by Weddings Zone Ireland Weddings Zone Ireland are valid for one month only from the date of the quote having been given to the Customer.  The Fee is only valid for the Contract.  Any subsequent agreement entered i nto between the Customer and Weddings Zone Ireland, must be negotiated separately and therefore a different fee may apply.
    6.    Weddings Zone Ireland shall be entitled to change the prices or products offered by Weddings Zone Ireland at any time.
    7.    Weddings Zone Ireland Weddings Zone Ireland shall be entitled to use the Customer’s logo and any other necessary intellectual property of the Customer in so far as the use thereof is required for to provide the Service for the Customer.
    8.    The Customer shall ensure that anything published by Weddings Zone Ireland about the Customer shall comply with the requirements of all data protection legislation in force from time to time including without limitation the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 and any variations, amendments or re-enactments thereof.
    9.     Weddings Zone Ireland shall ensure that any information held on registered users of the Weddings Zone Ireland Weddings Zone Ireland  website shall comply with the requirements of all data protection legislation in force from time to time including without limitation the Data Protection Acts 1988 and 2003 and any variations, amendments or re-enactments thereof.
    10.    If there is a breach of this Contract, or if the Customer provides false or misleading information for publication by Weddings Zone Ireland Weddings Zone Ireland breaches any data protection requirements, or breaches the Terms of Use, may cease the Service immediately without prejudice to Weddings Zone Ireland Weddings  Zone Ireland right to claim damages and other relief.
    11.    Weddings Zone Ireland does not guarantee suitability of leads proved via the Service.
    12.    If there is a conflict between the Contract Form and these Terms and Conditions of Use, then the Contract Form prevails.
    13.    Advertisers must accept and conform with the various deadlines, technical requirements and limitations as notified to them by the publisher.  Namely, t he following materials must be delivered two days prior to the start campaign date:
    ◦    Completed and signed Insertion Order (supplied on confirmation of booking)
    ◦    Ad banners
    ◦    Destination URL (must be complete and functional)
    ◦    Alt text (up to 25 characters)
    ◦    Contact email address for banner reports
    14.    GIF and Flash Lead Time: 2 working days prior to live date
Rich Media Lead Time: 10 working days prior to live date
Acceptance of Superstitials, Eyeblasters and other Streaming advertising accepted on sight and is subject to publisher testing and approval.  Rich Media is defined as anything other than a GIF ad form and could be subject to a higher CPM charge, depending on additional ad-serving cost
    16.    This Agreement is governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Ireland and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish Courts.

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