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Summer Wedding Flowers

Are you thinking of Having a summer wedding?

Then there is a great choice of summer wedding flowers for you. In fact it is the time of year when there is a natural explosion of colourful blooms available.. Lots of flowers in season, this makes them cheaper to buy and better quality and bigger flowers, some flowers that are great to use are,


It has pretty white and pink varieties, and a strong sweet scent.
It is generally available around late spring and summer. Some people think of stock as a bit old-fashioned , but they do have an appeal and beauty all of their own.


Well what can you say about roses one fantastic, beautiful flower that you just can not go wrong with.


Are a wonderful tall blue flower available at this time and these work well in ceremony arrangements, as do gladioli.

Calla lilies

These are great flowers to set your dress off and come in delightful colours.


Great if your going blue or purple.


A very affective flower , large head and great for impact, last so long too.

Wedding Flowers that are great in the summer:
The popular wedding flower favourites are all available at this time of year and make excellent summer wedding flowers. Roses are out in all colours and are a popular choice for many brides. Nowadays there is no problem in getting roses year round from wedding florists  and irises. Lilies and calla lilies will be seen at many summer weddings. Calla lilies can make the most perfect white wedding flowers. They are beautiful on there own and can come in all different beautiful shades  They can be mixed with other flowers, and are very delicate and stunning looking. 

Lilies such as 'stargazer' can be used in wedding venue flower arrangements. Their large blooms and scent make them popular choices.
Gerbera are another well-liked alternative. These perfectly round flowers are great for bridal bouquets ), as well as for adding fun and interest to reception arrangements.

As you can imagine, summer weddings are our most busy time but also the time of year that I enjoy the most. I love doing Summer weddings,
so if you are getting married call in to see us for a free consultation.

A Wedding Florists point of view by Darina Sherlock .....

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