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Church Wedding Venue Decorations

Church Wedding Venue Decorations

Decorating the Church for your Wedding Ceremony


No doubt you want the church itself to look well on the day. You are probably thinking about flowers and other things that might add to the look of the church. Before you decide anything it is worthwhile bearing in mind a number of things:

What time of year are you getting married?

The time of year when you get married can have a big impact on how the church will look. You will want to keep in harmony with both the season in the church year and in nature. For example if you get married in the middle of Easter you will be able to draw on all the festivity of this season in the Church calendar.

Suggestions for the time of year.

Where do you put the flowers?

You might take into account the following suggestions when positioning the flowers: Please avoid putting flowers on the altar itself - in front of them is great. Decoration of older, no-longer-used altars is not encouraged. Baptismal fonts should be free of flowers. Keep the space in front of the priest's chair free of flowers (he's not meant to be hidden away!)

Are there any other weddings or parish celebrations taking place around the time of your wedding?

It is a pity to see one nice worship space being taken down to replace it with another one! A worthwhile exercise is to check and see if there are other weddings or parish celebrations taking place. Perhaps then those who will benefit can share the cost.

Is there a policy in the parish about what you can or cannot do in the church?

The church is a sacred space and needs to be respected as such. Some churches have specific policies about what you can or cannot do with the space and this makes good sense from the point of view of protecting this space. Make sure you check in and ask can you do what you want to do, and try to see and understand the reason why if the answer is no. n>

Is there an art and environment group in the parish?

More and more parishes now have what are called art and environment groups - a group responsible for the decoration of the church through the church year. If your parish does have one they will probably have some excellent ideas and suggestions to share with you. Your priest will be able to put you in touch with this group if there is one.

What is the heating and lighting like in the church?

An important part of setting the scene for your celebration is the light and heating in the church. If you are getting married in January you will want the church to be warm and inviting for you and your guests. You will not want it to be dark and cold. These are practical details that often just need to be checked with the priest or sacristan and that go along way in setting the tone for your celebration.

If you are Getting married in a hotel, chances are that they will provide some of the decorations as part of your wedding package, you will need to discuss this with your hotel of venue.



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